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  1.2.1 Diploma inf Electrical Engineering Technology (Syllabi)
  Semester   Course/Subject Lecturer/Institute  
1. 40 Lecture MA 103 Introductory Alegra for 1st Semster Prof.NJ.Wildberger Univ of New South Wales
  35 Lecture PHY 101 Classical Mechanics Prof.Walter Lewin MIT (USA)
  24 Lecture MA103 Introductory Calculus Prof. .Adrian Banner Princeton Univ
  9 Lecture CS 101 Computer Science Understanding Computer &Internet David J. Malan Harvard University
2 40 Lecture MA 102 Introductory Algenbra for 2nd Semester Prof.Kandace Kling Porland College
  36 Lecture PHY 102 Electricity & Magnetism Prof.Walter Lewin MIT (USA)
  35 Lecture MA 104 Single Variable Calculus Prof. David Jarison MIT (USA)
  36 Lecture CS 102A Introdustion to JAVA Programming Prof. Aeron Bloomfield MIT(USA)
3 39 Lecture EET 201 Basic Electrical Technology Prof. L. Umanand IISC
  36 Lecture PHY201 Physics of Vibrations and waves Prof.Walter Lewin MIT (USA)
  40 Lecture EET202 Basic Electronics Prof. Ts. Natravajan IIT Madras
  32 Lecture MA201 Mathematical Method for Engineer I Prof. Gilbert Strang MIT (USA)
4 9 Lecture PHY202 Introductory Lecture Solid State Physics Prof. Kohei M. Keio Univ (Japan)
  29 Lecture PHY203 Optical Science with Engineering Application Prof.George Babastathis MIT (USA)
  26 Lecture PHY204 Physics for Futrue President Prof.Richard A Muller Univ California Berk
  29 Lecture MA202 Mathematical Method for Engineer II Prof. Gilbert Strange MIT (USA)
5 26 Lecture EET301 Circuits and Electronics Prof. Anan Agarwal MIT
  40 Lecture CS201 Internet Technology Prof. I Sengupta IIT Kharapur
  40 Lecture EET 302 Digital Integrated Circuit Prof. Dr. Amitara Dasgupta IIT Madras
  26 Lecture EET302 Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuit Prof. Jan M. Rabacy UC Berkeley
  24 Lecture CS 202 Introduction to Computer Science Prof.Eric Grimsom/John Guttag MIT
6 28 Lecture EET303 Analog Integrated Circuit Prof. Radha Krishna Rao IIT Madras
  37 Lecture EET304 Embedded System Prof. Dr. Santanuclaudhury IIT Delhi
  43 Lecture EET305 Power Electronics Prof.BG. Fernandez IIT Bombay
  40 Lecture EET306 Industrial Instrumentation Prof.Dr. Alox Barua IIT Kharapur
7 38 Lecture EET401

Electrical Engineering

Prof.Dr. Virek UC.Berkeley
  38 Lecture EET402 Electronicsfur Analog Signal Processing I Prof.Prof.K. Radhakrishna IIT Madras
  25 Lecture EET403 Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Ertel Hochschule Ravenbug Weingarlan
  40 Lecture EET404 Electrical Machine I Prof. Debaprasad Kastha IIT Kharapur
8 39 Lecture EET405 Electronics for Analog Signal Process II Prof.K. Radhakrishna IIT Madras
  35 Lecture EET406 Power System Operation and Control Prof. Deba Prasad Kastha IIT Kharapur
  41 Lecture EET407 Communication Engineering Prof. Surendra Prasad IIT Delhi
  44 Lecture EET402 Industrial Automation and Control Prof. AK.Jana/Dr.Sarka IIT Kharapur
9 40 Lecture EET501 Industrial Automation and Control Prof. S .Mukha padhyay IIT Kharapur
  40 Lecture EET502 Switched Mode Power Conversion Prof.V.Ramanarayanan IISC Bangalor
  37 Lecture EET503 Industrial Drives Power Electronics Prof.Gopakumar IISC Bangalor
  41 Lecture EET504 Control Engineering Prof.Gopal IIT Delhi
10 40 Lecture EET505 Digital Image Processing Prof.PK. Biswas IIT Kharapur
  55 Lecture EET506 Digital VLSI Design Prof. s.Srivarana IIT Madras
  40 Lecture EET507 Robotics Prof. C. Amarath IIT Bombay
  27 Lecure EET508 Advanced Analog Integrate Circuit Prof. Elad Alon UC. Berkeley
11 40 Lecture EET601 Circuit for Analog System Design Prof.Dr. VM. Gadre IIT Bombay
  43 Lecture EET602 Digital Signal Processing Prof.Sc.Dutta Roy IIT Delhi IIT Delhi
  40 Lecture EET603 Digital Voice and Picture Communication Prof.Dr IIT Delhi
  34 Lecture EET604 Microcontroller Design Prof.Dr. Cornell University
12 35 Lecture EET605 Power System Generation Transmission Prof.Dr.Khatori IIT Delhi
  40 Lecture EET606 Advanced Electric Drives Prof.Dr. SP.Das IIT Karpur
  40 Lecture EET607 Advanced Control System Prof.Somanath Majhi IIT Guwahati
  28 Lecture EET608 Advanced Micro Controller Prof. Cornell Univesity
  22 Lecture EET609 Advanced Topics in Circuit Design Prof.Elad Alon UC.Berkeley
  40 Lecture EET610 Energy Resources and Technology Prof.Banerjee  



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