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  Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  Semester   Course/Subject Lecturer/Institute  
1 40 Lecture MA101 Introductory Algebra fo 1st Semester Prof.NJ Wildberge UNSW.
  35 Lecture PHY101 Classical Mechanics Prof.Walter Lewin MIT
  24 Lecture MA103 Introduction to Calculus Prof.Adrian Banner UNSW
  51 Lecture MA101 A Computational science and engineering I Prof.Gilbert MIT
  9 Lecture CS 101 Computer Science Understanding Computer & Internet David J. Malom Harvard
2 40 Lecture MA102 Introductory Algebrafor 2nd Semester Prof.Kandace Kling Porland Community College
  36 Lecture PHY102 Electricity and Magnetism Prof.Walter Lewin MIT
  35 Lecture MA104 Single Variable Calulus Prof.David Jarison MIT
  36 Lecture CS102A Introduction to JAVA Programming Prof.Aaron Bloomfield MIT
3 36 Lecture PHY201 Physics of Vibration & Waves Prof. Walter Lewin MIT
  32 Lecture MA201 Mathematics Method for Engineer1 Prof.Gilbert Strong MIT
  37 Lecture MET201 Engineering Mechanics Prof.Dr.Us Dixit IIT Guwahiti
  36 Lecture CHE201 Principle of Chemical Science Prof. Sylvia Ceyer MIT
4 29 Lecture MA 202 Mathematics Method For Engineer2 Prof. Gilbert Strang MIT
  36 Lecture MET202 Material Science Prof. SK Gupta IIT Delhi
  31 Lectere MET203 Engineering Mechanics II Dynamic Prof. Manoj Harboia IIT Karpur
  32 Lecture MET204 Basic of Thermo dynamics Pro. IIT Karagfur
5 40 Lecture MET301 Strengtho of Material Prof.SK Bhattacharya IIT Kharagpur
  42 Lecture MET 302 Fluid Mechanics Pfof. TI. EL dho IIT Bombay
  51 Lecture MET303 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Prof.Anoopchaval IIT Delhi
  33 Lecture MET304 Introduction to Finite Element Prof.Dr. Krishnakuma IIT Madras
6 40 Lecture MET305 Design of Machine Element Prof.B.Maiti IIT Kharapur
  40 Lecture MET306 Manufactruing Process I Prof.Dr. Dwivedi IIT Roorkee
  40 Lecture MET307 Heat Transfer Prof.Dr. Aloke Kumar IIT
  50 Lecture MET308 Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Prof.SP.Venkatesnan IIT Madras
7 41 Lecture MET401 Manufacturing Process II Prof AB.Chatto Padhyay IIT Kharogfur
  46 Lecture MET402 Refrigeration&Aircondition Prof.MRamgpal IIT Kharpur
  39 Lecture MET403 Basic Electrical Technology Prof.L Umana IISC Bamgalore
  44 Lecture MET404 Process Control and Instrument Prof.AK.JANA IIT Kharagpur
8 40 Lecture MET405 Industrial Automation and Control Prof.Mukhopadyay IIR Madras
  44 Lecture MET406 Dynamic of Machine Prof.Amitaba Ghose IIT Karapur
  39 Lecture MET407 Kinetic of Machine Prof.Asok IIT
  40 Lecture MET408 Energy Resourse and Techology Prof. Banejee IIT
9 41 Lecture MET501 Enginerring Fracture Mechanics Prof.K.Ramesh IIT.Madras
  33 Lecture MET502 Advanced Machining Process Prof.Vijayyain IIT Kahragpur
  40 Lecture MET503 Advanced Gas Dynamic Prof.Rinky Mukherjee IIT Madras
  40 Lecture MET504 Process of Non Metal Prof.Dr. Inder Deep Singh IIT Roorkee
10 40 Lecture MET505 Vibration of Structure Pro.A.Dasgupta IIT Karagpur
  42Lecture MET506 Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics Prof.Rajiv Tiwari IIT
  40 Lecture MET507 Industrial Instrument Prof.Alok Barua IIT
  37 Lecture MET508 CryoGenic Engineering Prof.MD.Atrey IIT Bombay
11 40 Lecture MET601 Robotics Prof C Amarnath IIT Bombay
  26 Lecture MET602 Principle of Mechanical Measurement Prof R Raman IIT Madras
  52 Lecture MET603 Computer Aided Design Prof Dr Anoop IIT Bombay
  23 Lecture MET604 Nano Manufacturing Prof John Hart University of Michigan
12 26 Lecture MET605 Advanced Material and Process Prof BS Murty IIT
  10 Lecture MET606 Understanding Laser and Fiber Optic Prof Eziekil Massachusett of Technology USA
  40Lecture MET607 Steel Making Prof Deepak Mazuda E IITKaragpur
  43 Lecture MET608 Non Ferrous Extracive Metallurgy Prof HS Ray IIT Karagpur
13 39 Lecture MET701 Science and Technology Polymer Prof Adhikari IIT Karagpur
  40 Lecture MET702 Process of Non Metal Prof.Dr.Inderdeep IIT Rookee
  40 Lecture MET703 Advanced Manufacturing Prof.Dr.RK. Shama IIT RooKee
  40 Lecture MET704 Principle of Physical Metallurgy Prof. RN.Ghose IIT Rookee
  40 Lecture MET705 Marine Construction and Welding Prof.Dr.NR.Mandel IIT Rookee



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