Home Introduction Curriculum Admission
  1.2.3 Diploma Of Science in Information Technology
  Semester   Course/Subject Lecturer/Institute  
1 9 Lecture IT101 Computer Science Understanding Computer and Internet Prof.NJ Wildberge Harvard
  24 Lecture IT102 Introducton to Computer Science and Procramming Prof.John MIT
  28 Lecture IT103 Digital Computor Organization Prof.PK. Biswas IIT
  22 Lecture IT104 How to Build A computer Prof Anshau Kumar IIT Delhi
  40 Lecture IT105 Discrete Mathematical Siruture Prof. Kamala IIT Madas
  38 Lecture IT106 Computer Architecture Prof.Anshul Kumar IIT Delhi
2 37 Lecture IT201 Introduction To JAVA Programming Prof. MIT
  40 Lecture IT202 Computer Network Prof. S Ghost IIT
  39 Lecture IT203 Logic for Computer Science Dr. S Aun IIT
  40 Lecture IT204 Internet Technology Prof. I sengupta IIT
  13 Lectuer IT205 Object Oriented Programing in JAVA Prof Babara MIT
  27 Lecture IT206 Operating System & System programming Prof.John UK.Berkly
  52 Lecture IT207 Program and slove Problem C++    
  9 Lecture IT208 Data Ctructure link lists in C++    
  43 Lecture IT209 Database Management System PROF.dR. jANAKIRAM IIt
  104 Lecture IT210 Flash web Design    
3 39 Lecture IT301 Software Engineering Prof.NL Sarda IIT
  40 Lecture IT306 System Analysis and Design Prof. V Rai yaraman IISC
  36 Lecture IT303 Data Structure and Algorithms   IIT
  40 Lecture IT304 Principle of Programming and languages Prof.Dr.Aun ITT
  39 Lecture IT303 Data structure    
  28 Lecture IT302 Programming Method Prof.Mehram Salami Stanford
  27 Lecture IT305 Programming Paradegsm   Stanford
  23 Lecture IT307 Intro to Algorith   MIT
  40 Lecture IT308 Sturcture and Interpretatim of Computer Program Prof. Rao UC. Berkeley
  45 Lecture IT309 Computer Security and Data Integrity    
Major Network administratin
  57 Lecture IT401 Cisco CCNA1 Network Fundamental Tuterial    
  43 Lecture IT402 Cisco CCNNA 2 Routing any Routing Protocal Tutorial    
  39 Lecture IT403 Cisco CCNA3 LAN Switching and wireless Tutorial    
  20 Lecture IT404 Cisco CCNA4 Accessing WAN    
  25 Lecture IT405 Cisco CCNA Security    
  17 Lecture IT406 Window Server Prof.Dan Alberg helli  
  10 Lecture IT407 Oracle Database   ITU Sheridan College
  96 Lecture IT408 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Tutorial    
  40 Lecture IT409 Cryptography and Network Security Prof.Dr.Debdeep IIT
Maor Web Development
  46 Lecture IT410 Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Basics    
  41 Lecture IT411 Dream Weaver Cs4 Tutorial    
  35 Lecture IT412 Fundamental of PHP Programming    
  13 Lecture IT413 Building Dynamic Website Prof.David J Malar  
  16 Lecture IT414 Search Engine Uc.Berkley  
  40 Lecture IT415 Ajax Tutorial    
  13 Lecture IT416 XML with JAWA, JAVA Servlet   Harvad
  40 Lecture IT417 JAVA Script for Vejiner    
  46 Lecture IT418 HTML and Css Tuterial    
  12 Lecture IT419 Web Marketing    
  6 Lecture IT423 PHP Security    
  24 Lecture IT420 Web design and Programming Use PHP and MysQL    
  19 Lecture IT421 Design Pattern    
  33 Lecture IT422 My SQL Database Tutorial    
Major Artifical Intelligence
  28 Lecture IT430 Artificial Intelligence Proc.P Dasguta IIT
  37 Lecture IT431 Ewbedded Systems Prof.Dr. Dantanu IIT
  34 Lecture IT433 Design and Analysis of Algorithm Prof.Abhiram IIT
  20 Lecture IT434 Machine Learning   Stanforn
  20 Lecture IT435 Highe Computing UNSW Prof.Richard Stanford
Major Programmer
  18 Lecture IT440 Iphone application Programming   Stanford
  17 Lecture IT441 Iphone application Programming   Stanford
  9 Lecture IT442 Developing Mobile Apps with web Technology   Stanford
  14 Lecture IT443 Computuer System Laboratory Colloquium    
  7 Lecture IT44 Phyton Lecture From Google    
    IT445 Intro to Embedded System   UC.Berkley



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